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Meanwhile, Somewhere in Kansas….

A photography adventure in rural Kansas.




































































Oz Museum & Oz Winery {Wamego, KS}

When I first told everyone that I would be moving to Kansas, the reaction I received from person after person was pretty much the same. Comments such as “Make sure you find a place with a basement” and “You’ll be like Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz” were frequently spoken. Not that I could blame anyone for saying this. Even I didn’t know much about Kansas besides tornados, The Wizard of Oz, windmills, and sunflowers. It seemed all too perfect when I discovered the Oz museum located in Wamego. I knew this would be the very first place I would visit after the move. Why not embrace the jokes and comments and celebrate the cliché. So off to the Oz museum I went shortly after the move. This little museum displayed fantastic movie memorabilia and a nice gift shop for all of your Wizard of Oz needs. Here are a few pictures from my visit, but I suggest if you ever have the chance to stop in and see it for yourself. Even though I have only been in Kansas now for a couple of weeks, I can say already there is so much more to this state than what I had originally thought. In fact there are so many places I want to visit and photograph, I can hardly wait to share these experiences with you. Until then, please enjoy these pictures from the Oz museum and Oz winery. We are definitely in Kansas now!

For more information about the Oz Museum, please check out their website at: ozmuseum.com



































































You can purchase your very own pair of ruby slippers!

Just down the street from the Oz Museum sits the Oz Winery. Of course I had to stop for a quick tasting. I was pleasantly surprised with this little winery. They had quite the selection of wines with names such as; Oil Can, O.E.O, and (my favorite title) Squished Witch. Unfortunately they did not have any white wines available when I was there, however the red wines were fun to try too. I guess I will just have to make another trip sometime to try their whites. The Oz Winery was very cute! Here are some of the pictures from my visit.

For more information about the Oz Winery, check out their website at: ozwinerykansas.com














Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
As you know, I absolutely love vintage items and antiques, and so I thought I would share a vintage valentine from 1913.


Heather & Dennis {Madison, WI}

It wasn’t that long ago when I first met Heather and Dennis and their two sons for a photo shoot back in April. I was very happy to hear from Heather a couple of months ago, asking me to photograph their wedding day. I always enjoy coming up to Wisconsin, but I especially love visiting it in the fall. Although autumn weddings are very beautiful, there is always that risk that the weather may be less than ideal, especially if the wedding is to be held outdoors like Dennis and Heather’s. The wedding day came and although it was on the bit chilly side, the weather was beautiful for a backyard wedding! They had such a nice and quaint ceremony with family and close friends. I felt very special to be able to capture this day. I always feel very fortunate be part of a couple’s wedding day, but Heather and Dennis were so kind and made me feel very welcomed to be there with their friends and family.

To Heather and Dennis: I have had the pleasure of getting to know the two of you over the past few months! I really enjoyed photographing you and your family and now your wedding day! Thank you very much for making me feel welcomed and giving me the opportunity to photograph your special day. I wish you the best for all the years to come!


































































The Knauf Family Part II {Wisconsin Rapids, WI}

I once again had the great opportunity to photograph the Knauf family. It is hard to believe that the last time I saw all of them was shortly after Croix’s birth in the bitter Wisconsin wintertime. I was all too happy to pay a visit and take some more recent photographs of all of them on a beautiful autumn day. Two of my favorite things to photograph are children and autumn colors and so I was able to have the best of both worlds during this photo shoot. The Knauf children were so much fun to spend a walk in the woods with! They made sure to show me all of the good trees and leaves to photograph and they never got tired of me taking their pictures. I wish all of my clients were that enthusiastic and happy to have their pictures taken 😉 ! The hiking trails of Roche-A-Cri State Park were absolutely beautiful! Who needs a studio or backdrops when you can take advantage of natures beauty? I had such a great time spending the afternoon in such a pretty setting and with such wonderful children!

To the Knauf family: Thank you so much for having me come and visit once again! I always have such a fun time photographing and spending time with all of you! Thank you for showing me around Roche-A-Cri State Park and always being so kind! I hope you enjoy the pictures so far!